This is my story about my preparations to, and living in a country where many parts've never even seen white people.

Starting off

Publicerad 2016-02-09 16:48:00 i Allmänt,

Not really according to the name of this blogg I'm starting it all of by writing this from Haffstaskolan in my town where I work as a class-assistant. With protection in my ear from the crazy sound of just six kids running around the sports hall trying to hit each other as they were playing Killerball. 
The reason of this blogg is to tell you people who are interested enough about my, hopefully, future life in Myanmar. 
Why you're reading this I don't know, however I'm hoping that I'll be able to either inspire you, give you a new view of the world or just tell you that I'm safe - mostly aimed for my family. 
I'll try to keep you guys informed of my life here, don't become too upset if I'm not updating. 
With all that said I hope this will work and that somebody will be interested enough to read about my life. 


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