This is my story about my preparations to, and living in a country where many parts've never even seen white people.

Maybe paranoid

Publicerad 2016-02-14 10:32:00 i Allmänt,

Packing for such a trip is not the easiest, (what is, really?), almost every time I think about if I've made everything ready I think of something and it makes me get chills on my back, only to remember I don't need it or that I'm already done the next half of a second. 
Passports I need to start looking for though, it has to be the most important one and I don't want to miss it. 
Visa my contact already sent me so that's done. 
Packing has to be the thing that I'm most far from done with, haven't begun yet, I've begun thinking about what to bring but not the least packed anything, I better start soon.
Been travelling to the ice-hotel this weekend and I went to Älvsbyn with my family, a very relaxing and altogether fun trip that I'm happy I got to travel on. Going home today, have to start packing immediately...I sort of get the feeling it still doesn't mean I shall. 

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