This is my story about my preparations to, and living in a country where many parts've never even seen white people.

Do something instead of killing time, because time is killing you.

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Only a crack in the castle of glas we call Sweden, not meant to be here and feeling sort of like my way isn't fitting with how most of the people want me to live. "Get yourself an education", " you need a firm ground to stand on when  leaving " and all "What if"s. I've got a lot more education than most people are able to ever have, my ground is Jesus and that's all I need and yes, I agree, a lot of things could happen, but even if this quote is drastic I would like to quote: " What does is matter if I'm being eaten by cannibals and you by worms?" 

Start of the water-festival!

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This past week I've had much to do, however, I certainly doesn't feel any stress at all - much because of where I am - I tell you, I will be incredibly surprised if I ever saw somebody  running. 
Me and my friend have been talking some about what to start, plans about both orphanages and farms are both on the list together with rice-delivery and Coffee-houses. 
I have been told that I sleep too little, seven hours in my friends world, I didn't dare to tell him that some people in Sweden sleeps about 5 hours/night. 
I don't have my diary with me so I can't tell you so much except that we've been to some friends of our friends houses - brought my DJ-equipment once - and I have been practicing Burmese because I'm very serious about learning. The hardest part could be the pronunciation. 
Other than that I'm having a great time and today basically everybody is happy because of the start of the water-festival and 6 days of always bringing an extra pair of clothes as soon as you leave the house because of kids coming to throw water at you. It's quite hard to say no too, feels like you're ruining their day, I  haven't, thus far, and I hope I won't but will stay happy for this time. And of course the time to come. 
Feel so blessed of living in this country, I know not many people have this kind of opportunity. 
So, until next time, staystrong and love the Lord everybody! 

What really matters

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The keys to life isn't in the things you buy or your paycheck, it's in the moments you never forget and the invaluable. I had moments I'll never forget when people from the suburbs of Dar es Salaam offered me breakfast, lunch and dinner for free, I have papernotes shaped like hearts from the kids at school that tells you how much of a difference you can make in the life of these kids, and I've never had so many reasons to stay in Sweden because of people I cared about as I left.

That's what makes me continue to fight for what I believe in - Love, Kindness, Happiness - rather than being crushed by what this world is fusing into your minds - Racism, Egoism, Depression.
Don't let this world get to you, think for yourself, nobody's is born hating another human being.
Love is the new law, it's not about how many Bible studies you go to, how many worship-services you attend every week or having people crawling after you and loving you because throw away money - believe me I've seen it happen - It's about what's inside that matters.

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