This is my story about my preparations to, and living in a country where many parts've never even seen white people.

Wordless expressions

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    When you get what you want but not what you need, when you shoot for the stars but suddenly they all come crashing down, when you lose something that you didn't even look at when it was yours but still miss it, When you start seeing somebody you didn't appreciate when you had them, now realizing the impact that person made on your life was far greater than you could've ever imagined. Things we lost in the fire of the moment we now realize we are never ever going to get back.

    when just thinking about somebody makes you laugh and other people starts thinking you're crazy, when a complete stranger gives you a compliment just at the right time, when dancing in your room for yourself, being exactly the person you truly are and not thinking about the limitations society are pushing on us but just expressing your feelings in a way that makes us human. This is what faith can do, this is what love only can express with no words

A journey to remember.

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Started of this time with moving from Williams house together with Oskar, next day we started our trip to Chin State by bus - 14 hours - and I got a seat behind a guy who put his chair backward, I tell you it was one of the most unpleasant busrides I've ever had and I was so relieved when we finally arrived in Kalemyo next day and I had the privilege to meet my friends Tluang Te and Cylaz once again. The time from then on we visited a village in Chin State and got to join in a volleyball-tournament, played fotball, told my story in the church and I might also have seen a panthera in the night. Got a roundtour in Falam and we looked at many interesting places - so happy I didn't need to cycle or walk because Falam is a village on the side of a mountain. We took a trip the next day trough many mountains and the wheel broke down twice, took another car to Mandalay where we arrived at 2am. Got to sleep at a hotel and next day took a bus down to Yangon from there. Next day I followed one of my friends to the bank, tea shop and in the night me and Oskar brought 8 people to the cinemas for the movie Gods of Egypt. 
The picture is from Chin State. 

Become happy by making others happy

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Haven't been updating in a while and that's mainly because I've got a lot going on with saying goodbye to my friends and family, relatives and among the hardest one's saying goodbye to all the kids at the school where I worked. However, by coming here, meeting all my old friends and finding some new ones, I felt once again that I made the right decision.

Even if I won't stay here for the rest of my days I know I won't regret it. I've heard it been said that you regret most of the things that you didn't do more than the things you did. Although, so far, as I sit here in my old house with a woman playing guitar to a baby, three kids watching some Korean soap-opera and two fans going I start to feel like I belong here more for every day.

Not because of I feel like it's really "me" in most of those things, but because I adore this way of living where you can take it easy and have time for family, friends and relax 12o clock on a monday.

Emma left yesterday evening, today Kristoffer is leaving too. Yesterday both Kristoffer and Oskar were asked to say what they enjoyed the most of their stay and what was the hardest with coming here. I don't remember what they said exactly, but I know for sure they both were going to miss the atmosphere in this country and the philosophy of the people here.

They might not all have a washing machine, but for some of them washing clothes together with their friends is the greatest part of their day.

I hope I will soon begin to work more on the language since I've noticed that they all are both excited, happy and very helpful as you try to pronounce their words which in some ways are new to me.

Oskar is going to stay here another month, I look forward to geting to him better, after all, after that I'll be completely alone and I'm in a way forced to learn their language as a big part of the population doesn't speak english...or burmese for that matter...I'm going to have a though time but I feel like I'm meant to be here, so for now I'm trying to adjust to their lifestyle and later If something terrible happens I'll try to bite my lip and move on. After all, when has it ever become better by complaining?

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