This is my story about my preparations to, and living in a country where many parts've never even seen white people.

What really matters

Publicerad 2016-04-05 04:40:27 i Allmänt,

The keys to life isn't in the things you buy or your paycheck, it's in the moments you never forget and the invaluable. I had moments I'll never forget when people from the suburbs of Dar es Salaam offered me breakfast, lunch and dinner for free, I have papernotes shaped like hearts from the kids at school that tells you how much of a difference you can make in the life of these kids, and I've never had so many reasons to stay in Sweden because of people I cared about as I left.

That's what makes me continue to fight for what I believe in - Love, Kindness, Happiness - rather than being crushed by what this world is fusing into your minds - Racism, Egoism, Depression.
Don't let this world get to you, think for yourself, nobody's is born hating another human being.
Love is the new law, it's not about how many Bible studies you go to, how many worship-services you attend every week or having people crawling after you and loving you because throw away money - believe me I've seen it happen - It's about what's inside that matters.


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